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I don’t often get stung on Ebay

I’m an online warrior. I love the idea of shopping in my undies. Don’t get too many visuals (especially don’t get any ones involving Y fronts).

I buy stuff from the US, the UK, Hong Kong and of course domestically and being of Scottish/Asian descent, I’m frugal (ok I’m a tightarse), so I love a bargain – which is where eBay enters my life and seduces me into her… hang on a sec, where was I?

Oh yeah, I won an auction on a Macpac Clipper travel pack size S for Nani and cleverly posted my bid in the last six seconds, and hey presto, I won! For $31 it was a steal. Then I had to arrange a courier for pickup because the guy on the other end didn’t want to mail it, so I landed it for $55. Not bad for a Macpac – and the guy’s description said, and I quote “no damage or repairs.”

Then I check it all out today…. and, I find the frame guides in the shoulder straps that hold the foam in have perished, cracked and fallen out. A buckle is missing because it ran off with the shoulder strap like the dish and the spoon. Remote Equipment Repairs in Melbourne who do Macpac repairs, have quoted me $75+14 PH to replace them.

I’ve messaged the guy… he’s got a 100% rating with 98 sales…. I hope he comes up with something, because he’s about to go to 99% rating.

It’s not often I get caught with my pants down. Serves me right for shopping in my undies I guess.

When I complained to the seller and indicated that this would reflect negatively he basically refunded the entire amount and said “Good Luck with your travels”.  So for me, the world is a good place again!


One response to “I don’t often get stung on Ebay

  1. PeterC November 4, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    John, great little post. I was investigating selling or op shopping my Macpac Clippers and found your post. Went and checked my harnesses and sure enough, they both have the same problem as the one you bought. Your link to Remote Equipment Repairs has saved the day though, as they can help find a home for them, so thanks!

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