A mum, dad and their three kids from Tasmania, go on an epic adventure in Borneo for 3 weeks in December

Everyone loves scoring cheap flights

Short arms and long pockets. That would be me! If I can save a buck, I will. And cheap flights are always great to just pounce on if you know what you’re doing and have time to wait.

When I booked our international legs via AirAsia, I didn’t book our domestic legs to get to Melbourne for the flight to KL because I thought I might hold out for a sale. The advice I got was the $69 fare from Tasmania was probably as low as it was going to get for that time of year, so I was somewhat resigned to paying it – until today.

Today, I got an email from my friends at Travel Zoo which I subscribe to (free). They send out a weekly deals email, where they scan airfares, accommodation and packages to see what’s cheap and send it out. On the second line, the words screamed “$30 & up — Ends Tonight: Fares Cut Around Australia“. I hastily clicked the link, and selected Jetstar and Virgin to compare, and lo and behold, fares came down from $69 to $39 available for November. So I booked our flights out of Tasmania, but not back because the January ones aren’t on sale and remember I’m cheap and I’m going to hold out to see if I can get a similar sale.

I nearly got stung on payment when I selected to pay with Visa. Some tiny tiny fine print materialized (no pop up box) to add $28 to the booking. Horrified, I looked at the other options, and hit PayPal. Using that, there was no charge so I just saved even more. I feel so happy. All up that’s nearly a $180 saving just by holding out, waiting for a sale, and subscribing to a good free weekly newsletter.

Oh and by the way, I subscribe to Jetstar’s newsletters and there was no peep from them about this sale.

Also a bit a trivia for you. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly. The cheapest tickets can be bought at 3pm on Tuesdays, and the optimum window for booking tickets is between 3 months to 14 days out from travel when the heaviest discounting takes place. I found that out by subscribing to the free newsletter from

And just in case you think cheap flights are a myth, this might actually confirm it. And it’s hilarious.


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