A mum, dad and their three kids from Tasmania, go on an epic adventure in Borneo for 3 weeks in December

Our family

Nani and I have three kids, Lachie 10, Oscar 8 and Abbey 6. We’ve been married for about umm 18 years (I hope I don’t get that wrong or I’ll be in trouble). My math isn’t that good these days. We moved from Melbourne to the island of Tasmania in ’95 to work here for three to five years…. we’re still here (like I said, my math isn’t great). The lifestyle and pristine outdoors here is amazing.

We love camping, hiking, geocaching, kayaking, photography, fishing, and hunting (the last two are more my deal than Nani’s), but the kids seem to love it all. I grew up in the country on a farm so the outdoors is in my blood.

Nani grew up in Singapore, so she’s a little more conservative. Usually when I suggest something, she’ll ask if it’s dangerous or not. I just suggested I climb The Pinnacles at Mulu with Lachie and that was the first thing  she wanted to know. To her credit though, she still lets him go, on the basis that the less she knows, the less worried she’ll be.

I’ve got this thing about life being an adventure. It’s the best metaphor I can think of. An adventure doesn’t necessarily have a destination, there’s always ups and downs, unforeseen things happen. There are tough times and good times. So for me, life and adventure is inseparable and I’m always looking for it.

The kids have all been brought up to be adventurous too. After watching Man Vs Wild, the boys decided to eat some insects and grubs. That was pretty funny. Two Christmases ago, we killed our own turkey on Xmas eve and ate it. The kids helped pluck it. Check out some of our crazy clips.

We limit their screen time (games, PC’s, TV) and get them outdoors as much as possible. On a recent hike up Mt Roland (16km return) we encountered a snake which had reared its head when Lachie nearly stepped on it. We all gathered around to check it out. The kids really aren’t frightened of anything much.

A few weeks ago, Lachie and I climbed Mt Ossa which is Tasmania’s highest peak. It was an awesome hike and a great climb, with the summit nearly covered in snow.

So now you know us, follow our journey to and through Borneo!

Our latest adventure near the summit of Mt Ossa. Lachie and I hiked a 30km round trip through World Heritage Cradle Mountain National Park.

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